H.02 Sidetable

A little nugget of greatness. Makes a perfect companion to the larger table. Strong enough to stand on its own as a side table or nightstand.

Top made of 100% sheer limestone (30 mm thick).
Stand in oak or walnut veneer.

Launched in December 2020
Production: Hand-crafted in Stockholm, Sweden
Dimensions: L 35 cm x W 35 cm x H 50 cm
Weight: 30kg


”The H02 Side Table is crafted with the idea to leave no visual noise. There are no hardware or other, neither visible nor hidden components. It is modern, sleek and clever in itself with focus on true craftsmanship. The vivid limestone top speaks of stories from the past which makes this small, yet very versatile table a classical piece with a contemporary approach. The whole design rests on the counter balance between the masculine shape of the wood and the feminine touch of the round limestone top.”

This is a great table in a small format, designed by Rebecka Haymoz and crafted in Sweden. The H02 is great on its own but is advantageously placed together with its larger companion, the H01, next to your favorite armchair or possibly as a nightstand. Made to last a lifetime or longer.