H01 Coffee table - the materials

Natural Oak/ Lindanäs Limestone
Walnut/ Lindanäs Limestone

When you assemble the table

Never use any brute force when slotting the two pieces of the stand together. Also make sure that the stand is fully fitted before placing the limestone top with great care. The limestone top is very heavy and ideally you are two people mounting it together. Please see the assembly instructions for more information.

How to take care of your table

Use a dry cloth to remove any dust from the wooden stand and the tabletop. Make sure to wipe up spills immediately using a damp soft cloth with warm water. Always be careful to never use any harsh cleaners, lemon juice, vinegar or other mild acids on the surfaces.

About colour variations and natural shifts

At Haymoz we only use high quality limestone. However, each stone is unique. The limestone’s differences in structure, shade, grain and content of fossils and corals gives it a lively character and natural shifts or even small wholes may occur on the surface. As well as that wood can vary regarding where the wood’s grain is located and this is a natural part of the material.