Background & Philosophy

HAYMOZ is a furniture brand founded in 2020 by Swedish interior architect Rebecka Haymoz. Rebecka combines furniture design with interior work for public spaces and private homes. All started as a personal reflection about mindful living and an interest in furniture that was durable, both in its aesthetics and composition, and lead to a full-scale production and the start of something new. First products were launched in the fall of 2020.

Our story

HAYMOZ is all about timeless design, everyday life and finding the perfect combinations in materials, proportions and shape. The life we live and the dreams we have, our hopes, thoughts and dreams, all materialize into the things and objects we create. Inspiration is found in the elements of nature – one can always find traces of it in the work we do. Enjoy it, use it and let our design be a part of everyday life. From us to you, for a lifetime of use – that is the world of HAYMOZ.

Products on display